impacting Childhood literacy

In the U.S., around 50% of adults cannot read at an Eighth grade level.

Some adults and young children fundamentally have a hard time reading. Studies show that children unable to read at grade level by third grade are the highest group at risk of not graduating high school. The government uses these reading statistics to forecast the size of county correctional facilities.

Our view is that if we can help kids develop the skills necessary for effective reading and comprehension during grade school, they not only can reach their academic goals, but live happier, more productive lives as they enter adulthood. 

The Reading for Angels program was started in 2015 to tackle this issue and has a 100% success rate. It is centered around the Orton-Gillingham Approach and children who go through this in-school program have demonstrated significant improvement in their ability (willingness) to read in front of others confidently, write letters, and walk around with their head held just a little higher than before.

The Foundation funds the teacher and the on-going certification of the program. We will continue to support and expand this program to other schools. Our goal is to expand the impact of the foundation to encompass the broader need associated with childhood literacy.


Reading for angels in action