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You Aren't Alone

Research shows that when children are provided the appropriate tools, matching their unique skills and ability, they can fully enhance their cognitive, social and emotional development. 

We understand that the need for these tools is even more crucial among children. Through early and continuous interventions using programs such as ours, we enable children to live a more complete and active life. However, many insurance companies do not cover these items, or the intensive therapy these children need. So how do you make sure that your child gets the help he or she needs? Let us help! 

Would you benefit from a support group? Does your child need his or her voice heard? Would your child benefit from an educational, developmental or physical therapy program? If so, We Can Help!

We want to see children, regardless of condition (including but not limited to: Heart Defects, Lung Issues, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Spatial Integration, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and Asperger) reach their potential. Through the Foundation, parents and/or guardians can obtain the necessary tools for their child's development.


Our Programs

Reading for Angels


The in-shcool program helps children struggling with reading reach grade level standards by the time they reach 3rd grade.



The foundation helps parents find a support group or legal representation to champion their child's needs within the educational system.    

Educational Support


The foundation offers educational or therapy assistance to children struggling to get the tools they need to help them learn. 



A Grateful Mother...

My son started therapy in the summer and the results have been amazing! Logan has really started to blossom and we are so thankful the Foundation made this possible for him. Though he's been able to speak, holding an actual conversation has been non-existent. We were told last week that he has started to finally develop two of the three key parts of holding a two-way conversation. This is key to Logan's success in having any relationship with his peers. His father and I see such wonderful changes in him and we are truly grateful. Thanks so much for your help!

An Autistic Son...

My dream is to one day have a conversation with my son about his day.  He was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old and is currently receiving services for ABA Behavioral Therapy thanks to Emily Thomas Foundation. 

I was very lucky to have caught it early and receive help through the Early Intervention program in Florida. Through it he received Speech, Occupational and ABA Behavioral Therapies and was able to progress in his development. Unfortunately, the services end at the age of 3 and he was transitioned to our county school ESE program and the necessary therapies were no longer covered. Noah went for a year without receiving any ABA Behavioral Therapy, which happens to be the most important, and most expensive therapy that he needs until the Foundation stepped in and helped.  

With the progress he is making through this therapy, I can now envision that day when I can have a conversation with him and I have Emily Thomas Foundation to thank.

A Once-in-a-lifetime Gift...

A four year old Rogelio and his mother, Irma, received a once-in-a-lifetime gift when they were presented with a check from the Emily Thomas Foundation to the PACER Center

The funds purchased equipment for Rogelio, who is blind, has developmental delays, and uses a wheelchair. With physical therapy services at school, his motor development has improved, but his family had no equipment at home to continue his physical therapy when there are no school services during the summer.

A True Blessing...

The Emily Thomas Foundation has been a true blessing to our sweet angel Landon! 

Since he was about 3 months old, he has had many struggles and hurdles in his life. It started with a diagnoses of tracheomalacia (airway development problem), severe digestive issues (projectile vomiting everything he ate or drank) for nearly 2 years. At around a year old he experienced 3 seizures within about 3 months. It led us to the neurologist where an MRI showed he had a brain injury due to the lack of oxygen. This has affected his learning and certain developmental areas such as comprehension, fine motor skills and planning, balance and coordination, and severe ADHD. He has received special education services since Pre-k within our county schools that have included Occupational therapy. Up until this past year his placement was helpful to him, but we started to see some major struggles and obvious challenges in his social and emotional behaviors.  After a thorough evaluation with a specialist he was diagnosed with high functioning autism.

At this point I knew a lot of changes needed to be made with school resources and his placement. Needless to say we started having one of the biggest battles yet! This foundation made it possible to fight a fight I never dreamed I would have to face for my son.  We were provided with full legal support in battling with the county school system, in which I could not have gotten otherwise on my own.  It is because of this foundation that my son now receives the most thorough support and resources for his issues. I learned so much about the laws in Georgia that protect special needs children and from here forward feel confident in being able to fight and advocate for Landon. There are no words to express how truly grateful and blessed we feel because of what this foundation has provided for our family!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.